05 Feb 2014, Posted by Bill Winters

Traditional Advertising

An important element of Content Strategy is recognizing the most compelling truth about a product. This allows the creative team to focus the message into a single thought.


The best messaging lies at the intersection of product attributes and consumer benefits, brought to life in a memorable way. The Regent Lawn Tractor was the first outdoor power equipment manufactured by Simplicity with a foot-controlled throttle as opposed to the traditional farm-tractor-style hand lever. I introduced this product as “the lawn tractor that drives like a car” and oversaw the development of an integrated advertising and marketing campaign through all the media available in the day, including print, point-of-purchase materials and television.


In the TV message, road signs captured the many benefits of the equipment that came standard on the Regent, “the lawn tractor that drives like a car.” In other media, the message was carried forward in ways that were unique to the application, but consistent in message. The overall effect was –at the time – the most successful new product launch enjoyed by the manufacturer. Of course, this was the result of many factors, most importantly, the design of the product, but I can take from this that the unique product strengths were successfully conveyed through our marketing efforts.

The role of advertising is to present a product or service’s selling message to an audience. In today’s organization, content strategy often identifies the message. To be successful, it must be memorable and compelling, presenting the product’s best attributes in a way that strikes home with the intended consumer. When this is conveyed in a consistent manner across various media, a new product is given its best chance of success.

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