05 Dec 2012, Posted by Bill Winters


In the development of a web presence, research is an essential tool to understanding what content should be created.

Most often, I can bring together competitive analysis, third-party research review and site analytics to understand what is working on a site. Sometimes I can get the opportunity to go into greater depth.

The most intensive research projects I have been involved with were for Enterprise Consulting Partners. In this role, I was writing, deploying and analyzing surveys for the Technology Asset Manager publication. This involved statistical analysis, significance testing and intense reporting – the results were sold to a knowledgeable audience in the field.

Some of my favorite research I get involved with today is user verbatim analysis, where the specific comments of users – from a survey or an interview – are coded and sorted and used to guide the development of web content.

Whatever level of research is possible on a project, the importance lies in the understanding of the audience. People read what they are interested in – sometimes it’s what you’re trying to tell them. If you know what they want, you can get your message across.


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