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Turn off and return on

At Adobe’s Digital Conference in March, Arianna Huffington spoke on the need for naps.  She recommended not using one’s cell phone as an alarm clock.  In general, she spoke of the importance of getting away from technology.

I have lived this for years. Early in my married life, my wife signed us up for backpacking lessons with the Sierra Club. I learned the tips and techniques to successfully survive in the wild with only what I carry on my back.

As my career has evolved in the digital space, connectivity has become more and more ubiquitous. Which has made getting away more and more essential. 

I’ve made regular sojourns into the wilderness. And, now that I have young boys in my family, I have made visiting the wilderness a regular part of my life.

Before kids, I spent weeks in Montana’s largest wilderness area, surrounded by Grizzly Bears, and crested both the Sierra Nevadas and Rockies on different trips. With my sons, I have enjoyed sites in Michigan, the Smokey Mountains and returned to the Rocky Mountains.

It is a thrill to wake up far from civilization and have plenty to eat and drink. Or to survive a hailstorm at 11,000 feet in plenty of comfort. And, of course, it’s a thrill to witness wild animals that lead full lives in the mountains and forests of this country.

But, these days, it’s also a thrill to go for a week without a cell phone on. Without getting a text. Without reading an email. 

I come back from these trips rejuvenated. And I’m glad I can share these experiences with my sons.

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